Trimethylacetic acid 99%

Trimethylacetic acid 99%

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Product Name :Trimethylacetic acid 99%

Chemical Name : Trimethylacetic acid

CAS No : 75-98-9

Details :

Pivalic Acid / Trimethylacetic acid

Other names: Trimethylacetic acid, neopentanoic acid, trimethylacetic acid or 2,2-dimethylpropane .

[Molecular Formula]: C5H10O2

[CAS NO]: 75-98-9

[Physicochemical Properties]:

White acicular crystals or colorless to yellowish liquid,

melting point at 33 - 35°C,

boiling point at 163 - 164°C,

flash point ≥ 65°C,

density of 0.905(at 50°C),

resolvable to alcohol and ethylether,

and into water at 1g/40ml.

[Package]: Polypropylene(PP) reinforced drum with net weight of 180kg/drum or as per customer's requirement.


Colorless acicular crystals in solid state,

colorless or yellowish liquid in liquid state.

Moisture: ≤0.2%

Purity: ≥99.0%.


1. For production of medical midbody-- pivaloyl chloride,

2. For production of prednisone, ointment for psoriasis and dipivefrin,

3. Producing midbody of agricultural chemical--Pinacotone,

4. Serving as additive in production of toilet soaps, hair shampoos and hair styling jellies in perfume industry,

5.Serving as initiating agent in coating material and plastic industry.

Trimethylacetic acid
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